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Every chocolate has a little bit of magic. Its effects are mostly unpredictable, but here's what we recommend.

For heartbreak, salted caramel

For infatuation, espresso

For unrequited love, raspberry wasabi

For reclaiming dignity, coconut cream sea salt

For optimism, apricot blueberry

For aging gracefully, Cherry Noir

For 2:00am, chewy caramel

For starting over, 70% dark

For self love, toffee macadamia

For telling the future, raspberry coconut

For mental health days, double chocolate

For forgetting, dulce de leche

For Sunday, coconut with a hint of cherry

For luck, peach basil

For melancholy, rocky road

For celebration, Sparkling Fool’s Gold

For uncertainty, almond stacks

For coffee breaks, raspberry brownie

For road trips, butter beer

For granddad, plum shortbread